Identify an apt location for your eating outlet and do a market research if it works out for you. Right from understanding the location, doing a market research, understanding the size and project cost, running through the requirements and preparing for the planning that needs to be executed along with architects or designers. We also work along with the promoters as a team to setup the project.


Decide where you need your Dining, kitchen or even washrooms. Get to Know where to place what. This includes planning up of the Kitchen location, Dining, Toilet, placement of steps and lift. Plan for Wet and Dry Area, location of the store room, wash area and supplier pickup area. We also plan based on Vaasthu Complaint keeping in mind the comfortness of the workers and flow of light and circulation of air.

Drawings & Design

Draft the planned concept into an amazing drawing and finalize it that works for you by all means. Whether it’s an external restaurant renovation upgrade, a complete from scratch interior restaurant design or simply a section design, we create the most impressive, timeless, solution-oriented designs in the market today. Our design team creates restaurants that diners would love to stay. We create kitchens which are a productive work environment and contributing to back-of-house profitability.

3D Mockup

Get to see an actual mockup of how you wish your eatery to look like. Decide before final execution. We create, configure, or update your space(s) and show them in a 3D view to meet the latest requirements and innovative strategies to get your restaurant business efficiently running. Preview what is supposed to be delivered and make changes in the initial stages and get them to completion.

Elevation and Interiors

Create and build what is planned. Get executed as planned and create meaningful outcomes. We work with you from helping you discover your style to sourcing material, equipment and accessories to build it, we are with you every step of the way.We actively involve in the aesthetic, functional and quality aspects of any restaurant project, and work closely with specialists to offer turnkey project management.

Kitchen Design

Create designs that are maximum to the comfort of the workers who stay long hours. We work to understand the need of every client, highlight them where technology can streamline process and improve the guest experience. We design and implement a tightly integrated, world-class combination of solutions that supports effective functioning of the restaurant.


Operate and Manage your eatery as a money-making venture and get quick returns. We, at Divazcompare any what’s planned to reality, finding out the variances as well as bringing to light to any gaps in operational systems and processes. We come up with a comprehensive set of recommendations that will improve operational excellence, food handling, product quality and guest satisfaction, boosting both top-line sales and bottom-line profits.

Vaasthu Solution

Go with what is essential. Give importance to Light and Air. Plan a Vaasthu complaint eatery. We execute plans according to sound Vaasthu strategies, and provide implementation support to guarantee turnaround goals are achieved. We sensure sufficient air and light for a productive work environment which directly impacts quick profitability.